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Are Stimagz Made for Kids?

Stimagz are made by and for neurodivergent adults, and are not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 14.

Neodymium Magnets, Technology, and Credit Cards

Technology & Memory Storage. Most contemporary technology, such as smart phones and tablets, use NAND flash memory which is not affected by magnets like those in Stimagz. Anything that uses a hard drive, such as an old computer or laptop, may be affe

What Makes Stimagz Unique?

Stimagz are often compared to children's toys designed for construction, often including a small metal ball as a joint. Many within the neurodivergent community used these toys to stim as children - in fact this is what inspired the creation of Stima

How to Clean Your Stimagz

When you're carrying around a fidget toy all day to make life a little easier, it's only expected it'll get a bit dirty! Not to worry - Stimagz can be cleaned!. The best way to clean your set is by spraying all-purpose cleaner on a cloth and applying

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